How to insert superscript characters (e.g: 2^2) in HTML?

How to insert superscript characters (e.g: 2^2) in HTML?

Problem Description:

As the title says, is it possible in HTML (or with special characters) to type for example: 2^2 so the square is smaller and placed at the top.

Any ideas how to achieve that?

Solution – 1

Try this:


Solution – 2

You need the superscript tag.


This outputs 22

Solution – 3

You can use the “superscript 2” unicode character (HTML entity ² or &sup2;), e.g.


It looks like this:

Solution – 4

It’s called Superscript and there’s a slight difference in it’s use with a <sup> tag and directly using the Unicode Character called "Superscript Two":

HTML Tag: 2<sup>2</sup> 22

HTML entity: (see the difference) 2&sup2;

Encodings :

HTML Entity (decimal)              ²
HTML Entity (hex)                  ²
HTML Entity (named)                &sup2;
Windows                            Alt +B2
                                   Alt 0178
                                   Alt 253
UTF-8  (hex)                       0xC2 0xB2 (c2b2)
UTF-8  (binary)                    11000010:10110010
UTF-16 (hex)                       0x00B2 (00b2)
UTF-16 (decimal)                   178
UTF-32 (hex)                       0x000000B2 (b2)
UTF-32 (decimal)                   178
C/C++/Java source code             "u00B2"
Python source code                 u"u00B2"

Fileformat link

Solution – 5

You can use &sup2; html entity:


It will be displayed as “2²”.

Solution – 6

You could use the <sup> tag which is used for superscripts. Alternatively if you wanted more control you could use a span with a special style and an offset of relative.

HTML (Example)

<div>2<span class="superscript">2</span></div>


.superscript {
    font-size: 0.4em;
    line-height: 1.2em;
    vertical-align: top;
    position: relative;

You can see this example working in JSFiddle here.

Solution – 7

Using MathML,

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