List of Django exceptions and response codes

List of Django exceptions and response codes

Problem Description:

Certain django exceptions have associated status codes. For example:

  • The SuspiciousOperation exception returns a 400 if it is raised.
  • The PermissionDenied exception returns a 403 if it is raised.
  • The Http404 exception returns a 404 status if it is raised.

Where can I find a comprehensive list of this? It is lacking on

Solution – 1

Those are the only two. Everything else, if it’s not caught, is a 500 status, which is the catch-all “server error” code.

Solution – 2

Here are the exception handlers: As you can see there are only 3 “named” exceptions catched there (I’m not counting SystemExit), everything else is handled by handle_uncaught_exception and results in the 500 error.

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