Android launcher icon too small

Android launcher icon too small

Problem Description:

I have googled forever for a solutions to my problem.
My launcher icon is very small.
I have launcher icon, the original is 1100×1100
but I have created the correct sizes using this online tool

I have then copied the png’s to the correct res folders, but the icon is still TINY

I am using a android galaxy 3 (9305)

can I some how force the app to select another launcher


Solution – 1

Check out this answer.

I’ve had a similar issue and the incorrect icon sizes were behind of it.

Scale the icons yourself to the appropriate sizes and see if it fixes your problems.

Solution – 2


[1]: helps me. help me.

upload the icon then after logo will be sent to your id then after download logo from your id the after go to your project directory structure there will be folder of mdpi, xdpi etc. then replace your folder to downloaded folder of mdpi, xhdpi….
then restart your android studio and run your app.

Solution – 3

I resolved with (using 0 padding) obtaining icons in their file structure.
flutter_launcher_icons has been useless for me, icon too small: all my squared icon was resized and inscribed in the white circle placeholder of apps android screen.

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