how can I pass data that is calculated in one component to another component on different page?

how can I pass data that is calculated in one component to another component on different page?

Problem Description:

I have one component in which I calculate price based on model and extras that go with it. it looks like this:


  const name =;
  const modelPrice = productData.modelPrice; {/*Array that must contain: [key: number, model: string, price: number] */}

  {/*NewExtras START */}
  const extrasList = productData.extras; {/*Array that must contain: [ key: number, name: string, price: number, active: boolean (default: false) ] */}

  const [extrasListP, setExtrasListP] = useState(extrasList);

  const toggleExtras = (extra) => {
    const updatedExtrasList = => { === ? = ! : =;
      return ex;

  const activeExtras = extrasListP.filter((extra) => {

  const aExtrasList = => {
    return (
      <div key={extra.key}>{},&nbsp;</div>

  const sumExtras = activeExtras.reduce((previousValue, object) => {
    return previousValue + object.price;
  }, 0);

  {/*NewExtras END */}

  const [quantity, setQuantity] = useState(1);
  {/*Model variables START */}
  const [activeModel, setActiveModel] = useState(modelPrice[0].model);
  const [activePrice, setActivePrice] = useState(modelPrice[0].price);
  const modelPriceList = => {
    return (
      key = {item.key}
      className={ activePrice === item.price ? styles.activeModelItem : styles.modelItem}
      onClick={() => {setActiveModel(item.model); setActivePrice(item.price)}}
        | {item.model} |
  {/*Model variables END */}
  const [buttonText, setButtonText] = useState("Dodaj u korpu");

  const finalPrice = (activePrice + sumExtras) * quantity;

  const [korpa, setKorpa] = useState([]);
  const toSend = <>proizvod: {name} - Model: {activeModel} - Dodatno: - {aExtrasList} - Količina: {quantity} - Ukupno: {finalPrice}</>;

I want to create component called Cart.jsx to which I will send: toSend variable.
I also want it to stay chached so it stays when user refreshes page.

I was searching the internet for week and a half now and cant seem to find suitable answer for my situation. I hope that somebody will at least point me at right direction.

Solution – 1

You can do all of your calculations on the parent component and then assign that to a state hook. You can then pass that as props to the Cart.jsx component. Whenever you run your function to add to the total you can update a total state, then when you want to pass it to the cart you can via props.

const [total, setTotal] = useState(0);

const addTotalSum = () => {
    // Logic here for getting the total.
    setTotal(); // Set the returned total value here
<Cart totalVal={total} /> // Pass total into Cart component as props and then access it in the Cart with props.totalVal

Solution – 2

If you want to pass data from one page to another page, then these are the ways:

  1. pass data via state while routing
// react route v5
history.push("path", {state: yourdata})
// react router v6
navigate("path", {state: yourdata})
  1. Pass data in query string while routing
const queryString = `data=${JSON.stringify(yourdata)}`;
// attach above query in route path like this:
// react route v5
history.push(`path?${queryString}`, {state: yourdata})
// react router v6
navigate(`path?${queryString}`, {state: yourdata})
  1. Set data in local storage or session storage and access on next page.
const stringifyData = JSON.stringify(yourData);
localStorage.set("yourkey", stringifyData);

// Now access data on next page

In your case, you want to persist data. So option 3 will suit your use case

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