Conditionally rendering <f:selectItem> inside <c:if>,<ui:fragment>

Conditionally rendering <f:selectItem> inside <c:if>,<ui:fragment>

Problem Description:

I need to display No Jurisdiction to add in the Jurisdiction dropdown when the given condition satisfies.[condition:When there is no Jurisdiction available,it should display the above text in dropdown.If there are jurisdictions available,the above text should not be displayed].And I dont want to make it disabled.

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The problem i am facing is whether it does or does not displays No Jurisdiction to add irrespective of the condition provided.

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<p:selectOneMenu id="JurisdictionName"
 <f:selectItem itemLabel="Select" itemValue="" />
    <c:if test="#{empty ApplicationManagedBean62.knowledgeValueMap['Object::AddJurisdictionStatelist']}">
        <f:selectItem itemLabel="No Jurisdiction to add" itemValue=""  />
        itemValue="#{Jurisdiction['StateRegionCode']}" />

I also tried,

<ui:fragment rendered="#{empty ApplicationManagedBean62.knowledgeValueMap['Object::AddJurisdictionStatelist']}">
    <f:selectItem itemLabel="No Jurisdiction to add" itemValue="No Jurisdiction to add"  />

Kindly help me out.

Solution – 1

You can’t do it like that you have 2 choices.

  1. Use itemDisabled="true" or noSelectionOption="true" on items you don’t want selectable and they will be greyed out. See:

  2. Generate your selectItems server side and filter out the ones you know should not be there like this…

<f:selectItems value="#{myBean.jurisdictions}" var="type" itemLabel="#{type.displayText}" itemValue="#{type}" />
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