How would I access a published variable from another class?

How would I access a published variable from another class?

Problem Description:

So I am currently working on my app and have come across a problem where I have to access a published variable in another observable class.

Here is some code on what I am trying to do

class PeriodViewModel: ObservableObject {
    @Published var value = 1

class DataViewModel: ObservableObject {
    @ObservedObject var periodViewModel = PeriodViewModel()

    periodViewModel.value = 1

How would I be able to access the updated variable from periodViewModel in dataViewModel? Thanks.

Solution – 1

[Note]: Ignore all the variables I am just showing the the flow of using different mangers.

Here is an example of function that I am using for my FirebaseDatabaseManage. You can see a clouser is passing into the function parameter. When your firebase insert function response after async you need to call your clouser which I named as completion.

class FirebaseDatabaseManager {
    public func insertRecipe(with recipe: RecipeModel, completion: @escaping (Bool, String) -> Void) {
        let userID = UserDefaultManager.shared.userId
        database.child(!, withCompletionBlock: { error, ref in
            guard error == nil else {
                completion(false, "failed to write to database")
            completion(true, ref.key ?? "no key found")

Now look at my ViewModel class in which I am calling my FirebaseManager method. On calling of completion I am updating my @Publisher Which you can use to update your UI.

class RecipeViewModel: ObservableObject {

  @Publisher var id = 0
    func createRecipe() {
        FirebaseDatabaseManager.shared.insertRecipe(with: self.recipeModel) { status, id in
   = id

Hope this help your in understand your concepts.

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