(Mix) Hex dependency resolution failed

(Mix) Hex dependency resolution failed

Problem Description:

I’m new to phoenix and elixir… I’m trying to get the dependencies and when I run the following command, I get the error. Am I missing something? Still trying to figure it out what the actual error means?

mix deps.get ueberauth_auth0

Resolving Hex dependencies...
#Incompatibility<#Term, cause: {:conflict, #Incompatibility<#Term<ueberauth_auth0 >= 0.4.0>, cause: {:conflict, #Incompatibility<#Term<ueberauth_auth0 >= 0.4.0>, #Term<not oauth2 ~> 2.0>, cause: :dependency>, #Incompatibility<#Term, #Term<not oauth2 ~> 0.5>, cause: :dependency>}>, #Incompatibility<#Term, #Term<not ueberauth_auth0 ~> 2.1.0>, cause: :dependency>}> Resolution completed in 0.822s Because ueberauth_auth0 >= 0.4.0 depends on oauth2 ~> 2.0 and your app depends on oauth2 ~> 0.5, ueberauth_auth0 >= 0.4.0 is forbidden. So, because your app depends on ueberauth_auth0 ~> 2.1.0, version solving failed.

Solution – 1

You seem to bump the version of the library to the patch (~> 0.4.0) in your mix.exs file, which effectively allows 0.4.0 ≤ version < 0.5.0 and ueberauth itself to 2.0 or like.

Make it less restrictive: start with mix hex.info ueberauth_auth0, figure out what is the best suited version to eliminate a conflict and bump it in your mix.exs to that value.

Solution – 2

I have override the plugin and the error disappeared.

{:ueberauth_auth0, "~> 2.1.0", override: true}


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