React-router-dom v6. Navigate through products

React-router-dom v6. Navigate through products

Problem Description:

Hope someone can help me here.
Been trying different things but always end up just extending my routes.
What i want is to be able to navigate through products (its some kinda eshop)

So, when i am in 1st product with prod_G6kVw7pV6Oo2eD as product id


I need to be able to go to the next product (go back and forth as I have 3 buttons called "Prev" and "Next"). 6 products in total.
That’s the array of product ids =

['prod_G6kVw7pV6Oo2eD', 'prod_RyWOwmPkL9lnEa', 'prod_ypbroE9QBno8n4', 'prod_Kvg9l61rEm51bB', 'prod_NqKE50NEPBwdgB', 'prod_kpnNwA1P8awmXB']

Once i reach the last product (prod_kpnNwA1P8awmXB) i need to go the first product.

In other words – just need to change product_id – last element of the route.

I think there is a good solution for this cos its a very common case. But I am unable to find.


Solution – 1

const comboproductsids = [

<Box onClick={() => navigate(`/${id[1]}/${comboproductsids[(index + 1) % comboproductsids.length]}`)} 

With the modulo, it will return 0 everytime you reache your array’s limit

Solution – 2

found solution!

<Box onClick={()=>navigate(`/${id[1]}/${comboproductsids[index+1]}`)} 

where const id = window.location.pathname.split("/"); const indexid = window.location.pathname.split("/")[2]; const index = comboproductsids.indexOf(indexid)

now just need to figure how to go back first product once i reach last product

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