Tableau Reference Line on a Table

Tableau Reference Line on a Table

Problem Description:

I am trying to put a reference line on a table that shows a ranking by point.

for example, if 10 teams are ranked by points, and only the top 3 teams advance to the next round, I want to draw a red line between 3rd and 4th teams.

I researched a lot and found there is no conventional way to do this (Please let me know how if I am wrong).

My one workaround idea was to split 1st-3rd teams (1st sheet) and 4th-10th teams (2nd sheet). Then, when I put them on a dashboard, place a blank sheet (filled with red color and 1pt height) between the 1st and 2nd sheets that are placed vertically.

However, the problem with this approach is that when I split the rank, then the rank column is messed up because of the filter. So, if I want to stick with this approach, I should figure out how I can rank the entire 10 teams regardless of the filter.

  To summarize, I guess there are three parts to this question.

1) Is there a conventional way to put a red line on a table?
2) How can I rank teams by point regardless of the filter that was used to split the teams into two?
3) Is there any other ways to solve this?

Solution – 1

Your approach seems good to me and this is what it would look like using the traditional superstore:
enter image description here

Probably I’m missing youre second point related to filtering the ranking column.
In my example I’m using the table calculation "rank" in order to have a dynamic value.

Can you elaborate more on this topic?


For reference, this is how the first worksheet is built: using a table calculation based on sales (triangle sign) as a filter for the rank from 1 to 3.
enter image description here

The same has been done for the second worksheet, filtering from rank 4 on:
enter image description here

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