Where is the StackBlitz console?

Where is the StackBlitz console?

Problem Description:

At the end of the Angular’s "Getting started/try it/using forms for user inputs", we are asked at the end to "open the console to see an object containing the name and address you submitted.". But I only have a terminal where the app is running, and a classic terminal at my disposal.

Where is the console which shows the log of (in cart.component.ts line 28):

console.warn('Your order has been submitted', this.checkoutForm.value);

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It’s not in the inspect page.


To me it’s not at the bottom of the page as Robert proposed. Maybe there’s a console option to enable somewhere?

enter image description here

Solution – 1

It should be at the bottom of the page:

enter image description here

If you happend to use Vite etc. WebContainers then open the DevTools (F12):

enter image description here

Solution – 2

When you use the "ready-made sample project in StackBlitz" from Angular "try it/Getting started", it doesn’t have a console.

The console is present as Roberts screen shows when you create a new project from StackBlitz.

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