Why can't I delete standard-rwo GCP Storage Class?

Why can't I delete standard-rwo GCP Storage Class?

Problem Description:

I have 2 similar GKE Clusters, first running version 1.23.12-gke.100 and other running 1.24.5-gke.600.

Since standard-rwo storage class is immutable, to update reclaimPolicy I do the below:

In 1.23 cluster, I can delete standard-rwo class, modify reclaimPolicy and create the storageClass again.

In 1.24 cluster, I cannot delete standard-rwo as it gets recreated immediately. Any suggestions on how to change reclaimPolicy?

Solution – 1

You can just create a new storage class rather than deleting and (re)creating the existing one.

Less ideal options:
If you do not use dynamic provisioning, you can set the persistentVolumeReclaimPolicy on the PV resource itself.

If you are using dynamic provisioning, you can patch the created PV and update the persistentVolumeReclaimPolicy as well.

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