Why does [email protected] trigger docker command

Why does [email protected] trigger docker command

Problem Description:

I am facing an issue with the task [email protected]. AzureStatic[email protected] uses docker command in the background. See image below:
enter image description here

We have been advised to only in-house agents and we don’t have any agent which is UNIX based and can run the docker command. The problem this creates is that I need to use different agents for different tasks which is opening up another set of problems (For ex – Azure DevOps + Azure Static Web App – Read deployment token from variables)

My DevOps team has asked me to investigate why [email protected] use docker commands in the background.

Solution – 1

Refer to this doc: Azure Static Web Apps

Azure Static Web Apps’ build engine runs in a Linux Docker container, so it can only be run on a Linux build agent.

Since Azure Static Web App depends on Docker environment, it will run docker command in the background.

And the AzureStaticWebApp task only runs on Linux agents.

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