Compare last close to previous candles (pine-script)

Compare last close to previous candles (pine-script)

Problem Description:

I have the script below that plots a line of the previous candle close

How would I go about comparing that price to the past 50 candles and plotting vertical lines on any candles with the same closing price?

study("Candle Close", overlay=true)
cus_color = input(#FFFFFF, "Color")
cus_width = input(1, "Width")

var line lastPriceLine =, 0, 0, 0)
line.set_xy1(lastPriceLine, bar_index-500, close[1])
line.set_xy2(lastPriceLine, bar_index, close[1])
line.set_color(lastPriceLine, cus_color)
line.set_width(lastPriceLine, cus_width)

Solution – 1

You can use a for loop and loop through last n bars. Then compare each close price in your loop with the last closed price and draw a line if they are the same.

// This source code is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0 at
// © vitruvius
indicator("My script", overlay=true, scale=scale.none)

if barstate.islast, high, "Close: " + str.tostring(close[1]), yloc=yloc.abovebar, textcolor = color.white)

    for i=2 to 200
        if (close[1] == close[i])
  , close[i], bar_index-i, close[i] + 1, extend=extend.both)
  , high, "Close: " + str.tostring(close[i]), yloc=yloc.abovebar, textcolor = color.white)

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