Concatenation operation not working in JOLT

Concatenation operation not working in JOLT

Problem Description:

I am trying to concat two string in JOLT. The field in which I want the output is popping up but it’s value is not populating.

What I want-



requesterDetails- Sam Jones

Current output-

enter image description here

Input is to long so I have uploaded the input and the jolt spec in Google Drive.

Below is the link-

Solution – 1

You should explicitly mention the tags of the objects rather than the asterisk representation as they might addres multiple nodes such as

  "operation": "modify-overwrite-beta",
  "spec": {
      "MsgData": {
        "Transaction": {
          "PO_POD_HDR_EVW1": {
            "requestorDetails": "=concat(@(1,WG_REQ_FIRST_NAME),' ',@(1,WG_REQ_LAST_NAME))"
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