css selector for dynamic MuiButton-label

css selector for dynamic MuiButton-label

Problem Description:

I am trying to find a selector for this date element, it is found as MuiButton-label but the date text is dynamic, I can locate using the xpath in the playwright code but looking for a way to locate it using a css selector. Appreciate your time and help.

enter image description here

with .MuiButton-label class selector it narrows down to 4 elements, however the text cannot be sued to pinpoint to date as it would change I am looking for a way other than regex :
enter image description here

Solution – 1

Try this selector:

.MuiButton-label span:nth-child(2)

Explanation of selector:

  • .MuiButton-label: An element with class "MuiButton-label"
  • span: Sub elements of previous element with tag "span"
  • :nth-child(2): We will get 2 span, so we get the second one

Solution – 2

could locate the element with this selector

button >> nth=3>>span>span:nth-child(2)
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