Delete parent if no children in EF Core 7

Delete parent if no children in EF Core 7

Problem Description:

Using EF Core 7 and .NET 7 (but also in previous versions), it is possible to delete all children of a one-to-many relationship in a SQL server database by configuring the delete behavior of the parent entity in the OnModelCreating-method in the class deriving from the DbContext-class, like this:

protected override void OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder modelBuilder)
            .HasMany(d => d.Employees)
            .WithOne(e => e.Department)

But what if I want to delete the parent if all child entities are deleted?

I’ve tried mapping a reversed delete pattern from the one above (see below), but to no success.

        .HasOne(e => e.Department)
        .WithMany(d => d.Employees)

Solution – 1

ORM engines are inspired from the relational database management systems. Removing a parent when last child is removed is not a standard operation on a relation change in the DB engines. So EFCore does not support it to. At the database level you can use triggers to achieve what you want.

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