Deleting characters in the list created using the getlist method

Deleting characters in the list created using the getlist method

Problem Description:

I created a list using the getlist method in my django project, and then I use this list in my form. Every time I update the form, it automatically adds a new character to the list. How can I prevent this? I used the strip and split methods but no results. I am attaching my codes below.

class Records(models.Model):    
    medications = models.CharField(max_length=1000, null=True,blank=True)
    scale_used = models.CharField(max_length=1000, null=True,blank=True)
    way_of_application = models.CharField(max_length=1000,null=True,blank=True)

def insertList(request):
     records = Records()
     records.medications = request.POST.getlist('medications')
     records.scale_used = request.POST.getlist('scale_used')
     records.way_of_application = request.POST.getlist('way_of_application')
     return redirect('/index/tables')

def getList(request,id):
    edit_records = Records.objects.get(id=id)
    if edit_records.medications is not None:
        edit_records.medications = edit_records.medications.strip('"]["').split(',')
    if edit_records.scale_used is not None:
        edit_records.scale_used = edit_records.scale_used.strip('"]["').split(',')
    if  edit_records.way_of_application is not None:
        edit_records.way_of_application = edit_records.way_of_application.strip('"]["').split(',')

   return render(request,"update_record.html",{"Records": edit_records})


medications = [''\'PULCET 40MG FLAKON\'"'', ''"\'METPAMİD 10MG/2ML AMPUL\'"'', ''"\'İZOTONİK 250ML\'"'']
scale_used = [''\'1 FLAKON\'"'', ' ' " \'1 AMP\'"'', ' " ' 1 ADET'"', ' ' " \'\''']
way_of_application = [''\'I.V İnfüzyon\'"'', ''"\'I.V\'"'', ''"\'I.V\'"'', ''"\'\''']

I have given the codes I used with the outputs above, can you help with this?

Solution – 1

Try to add only the data without tuple for that you can join and save the data

def insertList(request):
     records = Records()
     records.medications = ','.join(request.POST.getlist('medications'))
     records.scale_used = ','.join(request.POST.getlist('scale_used'))
     records.way_of_application = ','.join(request.POST.getlist('way_of_application'))
     return redirect('/index/tables')

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