FILTER Range with Multiple Conditions – Skip Blank Cells in Google Sheets

FILTER Range with Multiple Conditions – Skip Blank Cells in Google Sheets

Problem Description:

Building a dynamic schedule dashboard in Google Sheets.

  • Limited to using only functions and formulas, no scripts.
  • Have a living table (range A1:M) where each row represents a different event.
  • I need to pull multiple rows of data (all text strings) and populate into single column.
  • Some columns may be empty (ie. not all events have an Agenda or a Group associated with them).
  • Query and some other functions don’t work because they won’t pull the hyperlinks.

The below function works, but I cannot figure out how to get it to skip the blank cells.

=FLATTEN(FILTER($F$2:$M, $B$2:$B=$O$2, $D$2:$D=$Q$2, $E$2:$E=$P$2))

It would be great to add a blank column at the end though that is NOT skipped, so when it returns each row of event details into a column, there is a space between each event.

Here is an example of the table:

CalendarEvent TypeCadenceDayTitleDescrip.AgendaGroupPOC
Team AOptionalWeeklyMondayCo. Q&AInfo.hyperlinkwebsiteJohn
Team BMandatoryBi-WeeklyTuesdayTeam mtg.Info.blankwebsiteAmy
Team CMandatoryWeeklyMondayMgr. SyncInfo.hyperlinkblankChris

Tried IF statements with ISBLANK as well as <>"" but I am not sure if I am putting those in the right place.

The formula below is another variation, which works to populate a separate sheet, but it also does NOT skip blanks and is only pulling the first instance found.

=iferror(VLOOKUP(CONCATENATE($D$3,$C$8,D$7), DataC!$A$1:$M$160,MATCH($A$11,DataC!$A$1:$M$1,0),0),"")

Solution – 1

you could try wrapping your working formula within QUERY()

=QUERY(FLATTEN(FILTER($F$2:$M, $B$2:$B=$O$2, $D$2:$D=$Q$2, $E$2:$E=$P$2)),"Select * Where Col1!=''")

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