Flutter project's Android folder shows an error

Flutter project's Android folder shows an error

Problem Description:

After updating my gradle version I can see that my android folder have 2 problems , but when I go in android folder I can’t find them. See the picture bellow.
My android builds (debug , release , appbundle) , all working fine , but I am confused abound seeing errors on my android folder.
Please help me to understand what’s the problem ?
enter image description here

I did flutter clean , but still can see these errors on VS code.

Solution – 1

I had the similar issue when I did flutter upgrade as well as gradle upgrade.
Somehow upgrading never works perfectly in flutter for Android section and bound to cause errors when building APKs.

So what I did was downloaded all new SDKs and created a new flutter project and copied all existing folders there to have a fresh project. Worked fine.

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