Get count of rows and group by subfolder using python

Get count of rows and group by subfolder using python

Problem Description:

I have 3 sub folders which contain multiple csv files.I want to show record count of all the files grouped by sub folders

I have a code which gives me count of a single file only

with open (r"c:usersdocfile.csv",'r') as fp:
   print('total lines:', lines)`

Expected output:

Foldername Count

Product1 -53000321

Product2- 1245

Product3- 162

Solution – 1

My approach would be first to get list of subfolders, then traverse each to find files and add to list/touple.

import os
d  = r'.' #set to your path where subfolders are
result =[] #this will be used to store results

#get list of subfolders
subdirs = [os.path.join(d, o) for o in os.listdir(d) if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(d,o))]

for fld in subdirs: #iterate subfolders
    files = os.listdir(fld)
    files = [f for f in files if os.path.isfile(fld+'/'+f)] #Filtering only the files.
    for f in files: #iterate files
        #if needed to filter by filename or extension, add here
        with open(fld+'/'+f,'r') as fp:
            result.append({'Foldername': os.path.basename(fld), 'Count':lines})
            #basename gives last folder name from path

Output #in result

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