How can I fix dark textures? – Godot 3.5.1 Mono

How can I fix dark textures? – Godot 3.5.1 Mono

Problem Description:

So, I’m making a game in Godot 3.5.1 Mono and I’m using a Texture in a 3D space (Spatial) while I’m using it as a Control Element and it is showing up as dark in the editor and in-game. Here is what it looks like in the Editor, 3D space (Spatial), and the GUI (Control) Here is the window of the scene and the import settings

I want a normal texture like this – not dark

Solution – 1

Have two copies of the Texture.

You probably can make it look correct in 2D by changing "HDR mode" to "Force RGBE" when the compress mode is "Video RAM". However fixing the 2D look might ruin the 3D look (this appears to be related to whether or not the png was saved with multiplied alpha – I don’t know for sure, and I don’t mean the import setting – so your mileage may vary).

If you cannot find import settings that works for both 2D and 3D, I suggest to have two copies of the image file, one for 2D and one for 3D. So they can both have correct import settings for the context in which they are used. In fact, I would default to that in the future.

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