how do I get my bot to say who deleted the message?

how do I get my bot to say who deleted the message?

Problem Description:

So I was following various guides, and I built this message create event but was having a problem getting it to say who sent the message.

Here is my code

badword = ['test']

client.on('messageCreate', (message) => {
    if (message.content == badword){
        .then(msg => console.log(`Deleted message from ${}`))

And the console log

Deleted message from undefined

I was also wondering if I could make it get rid of any message that includes the word instead of the message being strictly ‘test’.

Solution – 1

The correct way to access the tag is just, because user.username is just a string and not an object. Here’s the User object from the discord.js docs.

So your console.log statement should just be:

console.log(`Deleted message from ${}`)
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