How to use "new" on an abstract class

How to use "new" on an abstract class

Problem Description:

I’ve tried to search for other questions like mine but I can’t find any good result
I’m trying to use a DLL that has a method that need to be called with a new class but that class is abstract.


i tried to use new IClientHandler but it just errors

Solution – 1

You’re trying to instantiate an abstract class in C# code. This is not possible, as an abstract class is a class that cannot be instantiated on its own. Instead, you would need to create a non-abstract class that extends the abstract class and then use that to create an object.

Here’s an example:

abstract class AbstractClass
    public abstract void AbstractMethod();

class ConcreteClass : AbstractClass
    public override void AbstractMethod()
        Console.WriteLine("I'm a non-abstract method!");

// Now we can create an instance of ConcreteClass
var instance = new ConcreteClass();

You can then call the AbstractMethod on the instance object, since it has been implemented in the ConcreteClass.

Also my small mistake, as @ewerspej noticed:

IClientHandler is an interface, not an abstract class. Neither can be instantiated. Interfaces require implementations that can be instantiated and abstract classes must be extended by non-abstract classes that can be instantiated.

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