Is it possible to use lambda in SpEL inside @ConditionalOnExpression

Is it possible to use lambda in SpEL inside @ConditionalOnExpression

Problem Description:

Is it possible to use lambda for@ConditionalOnExpression in spring expression language (SpEL)?
I have created the following SpEL condition via collection-selection which works fine for me. But I am not satisfied how it looks like.

@ConditionalOnExpression("#{T(java.util.Arrays).asList('${app.sync.white-list}').?[#this.toLowerCase() == 'all' or #this.toLowerCase() == 'phone'].size() > 0}")

In Java the logic for the condition is the following: -> "all".equalsIgnoreCase(x) || "phone".equalsIgnoreCase(x))

I wonder if it is possible to make that SpEL condition look nicer via using anyMatch and lambda?

Solution – 1

There is no reason to over-complicate SpEL: just have that logic in some static method and use it via T operator: Or you can register it as a function in the EvaluationContext. See same doc.

The point is that SpEL is an interpreted language: the longer and and complex expression – the slower calculation.

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