Lighouse @paginator with all records

Lighouse @paginator with all records

Problem Description:

I am using @paginator directive on my query and my client wants to get all records of posts from the query. This is my code:

posts: [Post!]! @paginate

I tested this querys:

posts(first:0) {id} #works but don't get all records
posts(first:-1) {id} #error

One way was to get all records was to use the value of total inside the paginatorInfo and make a new query with that value on the first:.

 posts(first:0) {
   paginatorInfo {

For optimization making 2 querys to get all records is very bad.

Solution – 1

The best approach I got was to make a new query (now having two querys for posts with different directives and names) like:

allPosts: [Post!]! @all

Other approaches but not so clean:

  • Set pagination.max_count to null in the config/lighthouse.php and do (first: 100000000) (the int is 32 bits so has a limit).
  • Change the @paginantor to a @field(resolver:) and do pagination with pure php.
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