linux subsystem on windows, how to set working directory to a folder on windows?

linux subsystem on windows, how to set working directory to a folder on windows?

Problem Description:

I am trying to import a file on windows 11 to a linux subsystem (Ubuntu 22.04.1) while it is connected to docker. I am new to this so I am sorry if I am making obvious mistakes. To my understanding (I am following this tutorial:, I need docker running first and then open my linux subsystem. However once I get to cd then it gives me the following error: -bash: cd: too many arguments. What I need to do is set the working directory to a specific folder so I can proceed with the next step.

typing pwd simply showed me that I am in home(username I created when installing the linux subsystem)

I am new to linux and docker so an easy to understand answer is greatly appreciated.


I have tried cd and then name of path for example E:UsersNameDesktopfolder onefolder twofolder where file is and I got -bash: cd: too many arguments. I also changed to / and got the same error. I thought it would set the working directory (folder where file is).

Docker is connected to linux subsystem as I did the hello-world test successfully

Solution – 1

Linux does not know about drives, there are only directories. Generally, a WSL mounts windows drives, which means you can find them under /mnt: generally you should have /mnt/c for your C:-drive, please check if you can access /mnt/e for accessing your E:-drive.

Your directory should be accessible from:

cd /mnt/c/Users/Name/Desktop/"folder one"/"folder two"

Good luck

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