Multiple Rows with null values to columns

Multiple Rows with null values to columns

Problem Description:

I’m using Pyspark and I have the next issue:

This is my input:

IDDate 1Date 2

My desire output would be like this:

IDDate 1Date 2

I try joining the table to itselft and do a select distinct

Solution – 1

So you would like to aggregate and have one line per ID while ignoring null values?

Here’s my answer:

from pyspark.sql.functions import first
df = df.groupBy("ID").agg(
    first("Date 1", ignorenulls=True).alias("Date 1"),
    first("Date 2", ignorenulls=True).alias("Date 2"),

This will however only return one line per ID.
If you have multiple non-null choices for Date1 and Date2, then it is better to use max and min or any other deterministic functions.

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