Paddle OCR gives "device id must be less than GPU count" error

Paddle OCR gives "device id must be less than GPU count" error

Problem Description:

I am trying to use Paddle OCR for reading numbers from images, but it gives me this error:

"(InvalidArgument) Device id must be less than GPU count, but received id is: 0. GPU count is: 0.
[Hint: Expected id < GetGPUDeviceCount(), but received id:0 >= GetGPUDeviceCount():0.] (at"

The error comes from this line of code : ocr = PaddleOCR(use_angle_cls=True, lang='en')

Does anyone know how to solve this issue? I can’t find the solution on the internet.

This is the code that I am using:

# Paddleocr supports Chinese, English, French, German, Korean and Japanese.
# You can set the parameter `lang` as `ch`, `en`, `french`, `german`, `korean`, `japan`
# to switch the language model in order.
ocr = PaddleOCR(use_angle_cls=True, lang='en') # need to run only once to download and load model into memory
img_path = 'capture.png'
result = ocr.ocr(img_path, cls=True)
for idx in range(len(result)):
    res = result[idx]
    for line in res:

# draw result
from PIL import Image
result = result[0]
image ='RGB')
boxes = [line[0] for line in result]
txts = [line[1][0] for line in result]
scores = [line[1][1] for line in result]
im_show = draw_ocr(image, boxes, txts, scores, font_path='/path/to/PaddleOCR/doc/fonts/simfang.ttf')
im_show = Image.fromarray(im_show)'result.jpg')` 

Solution – 1

Default value of PaddleOCR for GPU is True, you would need to disable it if you don’t have GPU.

ocr = PaddleOCR(use_angle_cls=True, lang='en', use_gpu=False)
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