PostgreSQL Computed Column with Format ('TR-'+format([Id],'0000000000'))

PostgreSQL Computed Column with Format ('TR-'+format([Id],'0000000000'))

Problem Description:

I am new to Postgres and I need to create computed column to format request number as below


in SQL server i handled it as follow


and it works fine

How can I do this using PostgreSQL

Solution – 1

As documented in the manual the concatenation operator in standard SQL (and PostgreSQL) is || – the + is for adding numbers.

The syntax to define a generated columns is also documented in the manual and follows the pattern:

 <column name> <data type> generated always as (<expression>) stored 

To convert a number to a string with leading 0, you can use the lpad() function.

Putting this all together, you are looking for something like:

create table the_table 
  id int primary key,
  formatted_id text generated always as ('TR-'||lpad(id::text, 10, '0')) stored
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