python sleep progress bar issue not working fine

python sleep progress bar issue not working fine

Problem Description:

I referred to one post of stackoverflow and created a progress bar for waiting but it does not work as expected. Can someone please help me out

def progress(count, total, suffix='waiting'):
    bar_len = 60

    filled_len = int(round(bar_len * count / float(total)))

    percents = round(100.0 * count / float(total), 1)
    bar = '=' * filled_len + '-' * (bar_len - filled_len)

    sys.stdout.write('[%s] %s%s ...%sr' % (bar, percents, '%', suffix))

def sleeper(seconds):
    for i in range(seconds):
        progress(i+1, seconds)
        seconds -= 1

When i call sleeper(10) after 5 seconds it messes up.

Solution – 1

There is no need to decrement seconds for each iteration, which decreases the total of the progress bar and skews the bar ratio:

Remove this line:

seconds -= 1
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