Python Turtle: How to do onkeypress to a function in another file

Python Turtle: How to do onkeypress to a function in another file

Problem Description:

I have this issue in python turtle that when I attempt to do the onkeypress feature for a function that is in another file, nothing occurs. No error messages, no character movement. Nothing.

File 1 (Player Function and Creating Sprite):

class Player:
    global player
    import turtle
    player = turtle.Turtle()
    player.shapesize(2, 2)
def moved(x, y):

File 2 (imports the function and when key pressed activates function):

import turtle

from Player import Player
from Player import moved

sc = turtle.Screen()

sc.onkeypress(moved, "u")


I tried to use the normal feature to do this, but it just didn’t work. Someone please tell me how to fix it.

Solution – 1

Just move the function in the other script or write in in only one script. Do you even need more scripts. Otherwise you didnt provide x and y for the function. To make the code nice you can also do from Player import * instead of two imports.

Solution – 2

You’re missing a call to sc.listen(), which is required to enable key listeners.

Next, the callback to onkeypress should accept 0 parameters, not 2. The x and y parameters are used for clicks. What x and y values would be relevant to a key press?

Furthermore, you don’t need the global keyword here and imports should occur at the top of files. If moved (should be named move, a verb) is associated with the Player, then it should be in the class. We might as well make it an instance-based class rather than a simple namespace. The convention is that files/modules are lowercase in Python.

Here’s a re-write suggestion:

import turtle

class Player:
    def __init__(self): 
        self.turtle = t = turtle.Turtle()
        t.shapesize(2, 2)

    def move(self):

import turtle
from player import Player

sc = turtle.Screen()
player = Player()

sc.onkeypress(player.move, "u")

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