Query select columns from row based upon cell value

Query select columns from row based upon cell value

Problem Description:

I am looking to pull certain cells from a row based upon the date(todays) which is in cell I1 on Dashboard. I would like to pull the row from Schedule but only return the team name which is in columns AH and AW.

I tried this

=QUERY(Schedule!A:BU,"select AH, AW Where Schedule!A:A = '"&I2&"'")

Its shooting an error of "Unable to parse query string for Function QUERY parameter 2: PARSE_ERROR: Encountered " "Schedule "" at line 1, column 21. Was expecting one of: "(" … "(" …


Solution – 1

added a working formula to your sheet


enter image description here

Solution – 2

The values in column Schedule!A2:A are not dates but text strings that look like dates. You can search them in a query() if you convert the search key in cell I1 to a text string with to_text(), like this:

=query(Schedule!A1:BU, "select AH, AW where A = '" & to_text(I1) & "' ", 1)

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