Ruby: undefined method 'to_set' for array?

Ruby: undefined method 'to_set' for array?

Problem Description:

I have a large array of chars:

input = ["p", "f", "p", "t" ... "g"]

I am attempting to take a slice of the array and convert it into a set:

sub = input.slice(0, 4).to_set

But the interpreter bombs:

undefined method `to_set' for ["p", "f", "p", "t"]:Array (NoMethodError)

Why is this happening? In irb this code executes with no issues.

Solution – 1

The Enumerable#to_set method is implemented by Ruby’s Set. It is not require-d by default hence why you get the error if you try to use it.

But in irb Set is already required. You can verify that by:

require 'set' # => false

This is something that has been raised up as an issue in irb before.

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