Show device markers based search user Thingsboard?

Show device markers based search user Thingsboard?

Problem Description:

I’m using Thingsboard version 3.4.1, I want to display markers on the maps Thingsboard widget based on user search Input. So when the user searches for the item device that appears on the maps, only the device that matches the user’s search.

How do I display the map icon that the user is looking for?

Thanks in advance.

Solution – 1

You need Filter feature:

  1. Create widget with HTML input field.
  2. Every time when user types, you need to create/update USER attribute (example) to save search text in it.
  3. Create dashboard filter that will compare device name or label with search text (use contain or not contains comparison functions).
  4. Add filter from step 3 to map widget.
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