Swift dynamically create editable modal from Stepper component?

Swift dynamically create editable modal from Stepper component?

Problem Description:

I have a Stepper component that corresponds to number of people (for now, I don’t want to restrict what the stepper goes up to, but users will likely never enter more than 10). I want to dynamically generate a box that is essentially a Person object/class based on the current value of Stepper.

Current code

struct ContentView: View {
    @State private var numPeople = 0
    var body: some View {
        VStack {
            Text("Enter number of people below:")
            Stepper("(numPeople.formatted()) People", value: $numPeople)

Desired outcome if user clicks plus button until the number 3.

enter image description here

Should this be done using a for loop (or ForEach loop)? Should a component other than Stepper be used?

Solution – 1

There are a few different ways of doing this but for growth sake you can consider a PersonModel and basing the stepper on the count of Array<PersonModel> using a computed variable that adds and removes from the array.

import SwiftUI
struct PersonModel: Identifiable{
    let id: UUID = .init()
    let name: String
class PersonVM: ObservableObject{
    @Published var people: [PersonModel] = []
    var personCount: Int{
            //Single source of truth.
            let diff: Int = people.count - newValue
            if diff == 0{
                //No change
            } else if diff < 0 { //Add the difference
                let new: [PersonModel] = (0..<abs(diff)).map{ n in
                    PersonModel(name: "Person (people.count + n + 1)")
                people.append(contentsOf: new)
            } else if !people.isEmpty{ //Remove the difference if the array isn't empty


@available(iOS 15.0, *)
struct PersonView: View {
    @StateObject private var vm: PersonVM = .init()
    var body: some View {
        ScrollView {
            Text("Enter number of people below:")
            Stepper("(vm.people.count.formatted()) People", value: $vm.personCount, in: 0...10, step: 1)
            ForEach(vm.people) { person in
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