Using Python rjust(8) does not seem to work on last item in list

Using Python rjust(8) does not seem to work on last item in list

Problem Description:

I have text file containing comma separated values which read and output again reformatted.


I read it using this code:

with open(outfile , 'w') as fout:
    with open(infile) as file:
        for line in file:
            linelist = line.split(",")
            fout.write("            ELEM  " + '{:>8}'.format(str(linelist[0]) + "n"))
            if len(linelist) == 7:
                fout.write("           VALUE   " + str(linelist[1][:8]).rjust(8) + str(linelist[2][:8]).rjust(8) + str(linelist[3][:8]).rjust(8) + str(linelist[4][:8]).rjust(8) + str(linelist[5][:8]).rjust(8) + str(linelist[6][:8]).rjust(8) ) 

And get this output:

    ELEM   102391
   VALUE   -55.5463-6.50719-163.255 2.20855-2.63099-7.86673
    ELEM   102392
   VALUE     11.224-8.15971 15.5387 -11.512-3.89007-28.6367
    ELEM   102393
   VALUE    20.5277-62.3261-40.9294-45.5899 -53.222-1.77512
    ELEM   102394
   VALUE    188.113 19.2829 137.284 14.0548 4.47098-50.8091
    ELEM   102397
   VALUE   -24.5383-3.46016 1.74639 2.52063 3.3152816.2535

    ELEM   102398
   VALUE   -107.719-102.548 52.1627-78.4543-65.2494-97.8143

Everything is fine except: Why do I get a extra blank line sometimes, and why is the last number before the blank line (16.2535) not rightadjusted? These two issues certainly belong to each other but i can not figure out what is going on.

Solution – 1

It behaves like the last element of the fifth line of your input contins a ‘newline’ character at its end.

Can you check the content of linelist[6] for the fifth line of your input? I guess you would find something like: ‘16.2535n’.

Hence,to make sure that your content does not include trailing newlines at the end of the string, you can use the String function .strip()

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